Queen of Russia – o colaborare intre Make-Up Magazine Romania si All Hollow

QUEEN OF RUSSIA – povestea ce o gasiti in revistele Make-up Magazine Romania pentru cadrele de beauty, concentrate pe machiaj, si in All Hollow pentru cadrele de fashion. Ambele reviste sunt acum la chioscuri, le gasiti la Inmedio.

Imaginile de mai jos sunt bonus, in exclusivitate pe acest blog. :)

makeup-6 makeup-7

Photography: Barna Nemethi

Concept&make-up: Anca Buzea

Hair Stylist: Robert Both

Model: Denisa Matei

Wardrobe Designer: Alex Nimurad

Pictorial 7 Deadly Sins pentru All Hollow Magazine

Va povesteam acum ceva vreme despre proiectul All Hollow si despre primul numar care a fost publicat in luna septembrie. Iata si unul din cele 2 pictoriale la care am colaborat cu fotograful Barna Nemethi pentru aceasta revista.

Actrita Anca Androne (in prezent, joaca la Teatrul Bulandra) a devenit modelul nostru pentru o zi sub styling-ul atent al Andrei Moga si al echipei de make-up (eu) si par (Gabriela Buica). Locatia este una foarte familiara Ancai, fiind chiar scena teatrului la care joaca, Bulandra sala Liviu Ciulei (fosta sala Izvor).

Sper sa va placa! :)


Party Make-Up For All Hollow Magazine Launch

A couple of days ago, something wonderful happened: a new project has come to life, a breath of fresh air for many people in the creative industries. It bears the name All Hollow and it is a quarterly magazine (meaning it comes out every 3 months). First, it was a blog, a very popular blog. Now, it has found its way on newsstands, among fashion magazines but not quite there because it’s so much more. One could call it a hybrid, a meeting place for photographers, writers, models, actors, musicians, fashion stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists and illustrators. Do check it out on Facebook, follow the blog as it is still being updated religiously but DEFINITELY buy the magazine – it will open your mind ;)

The launch party was a series of concerts (I especially loved Aylin Cadar&the gang, although Toulouse Lautrec wasn’t so bad either)/get together/meeting place/great place to hang out as literally everybody was there. Having collaborated with the team on 2 photoshoots for the 1st issue, I couldn’t have missed the event. Therefore, I’m showing you the make-up I wore on the occasion hoping it will help inspire you for any private or formal function you may attend.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just my favourite signature make-up – smokey eyes&nude lips inspired by this fabulous necklace created especially for me by the lovely Josephine – it’s called Amethyst de Chambord. The official website is www.josephine.ro while their Fb page is here.

On with the make-up:

And a picture from the event, courtesy of All Hollow: