Red Lips for Everyday Make-up – Yay or Nay?

The epitome of chic is, without any doubt and, of course, in my humble opinion, red lipstick. Any shade of red, if you ask me – blood red, orange red, camden red, burgundy red, ruby red, drive-me-mad red.. you name it, I already wore it. Yes, in daytime. And yes, people stare. But they also open doors for you, serve your coffee faster and always with a smile!

How is red lipstick wearable during the day, you ask? Fresh-faced & chignon-coiffed, really. But smooth, loose waves work just as fine as a hairstyle.

My all-time favourite red must be M.A.C. Lady Danger, it is a vibrant orange red, enjoyably matte and long-lasting. I always pair it with Redd Lip Pencil and dab a bit of matte eyeshadow/pigment in the center of the lip for a cool, ombre effect. It’s nice to have a bit of lip dimension, isn’t it?

With it, I wore my basic foundation, concealer and face powder, but as winter approaches and my skin is getting a bit dryer, I might even skip the powder next time. A few coats of black mascara and a whirl of brow pencil for a bit of definition in the eye area and you’re all set!

And if you’re still not all aboard the red lipstick train, check out all these references from fashions shows & music videos:

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